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Senior Picture of girl sitting on Clearwater Beach playing guitar

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If you're looking for a Senior Picture Photographer in Clearwater Beach... CONGRATULATIONS! You're on the home stretch of graduating high school! And, what better way to celebrate than to commemorate your senior year with some EPIC photos on the Beach!

Having your Senior Pictures taken on Clearwater Beach is SOOO cool for SOOO many reasons:

Sunset Senior Portrait of Girl standing on Clearwater Beach with sailboat
Sunset Senior Picture in Clearwater Beach

Thank your Parents for Your Senior Pictures on Clearwater Beach

That's right... I'm giving a shout-out to the Mom's and Dad's out there who are willing to bring their teens to the beautiful city of Clearwater Beach for Senior Pictures. What an AWESOME way to finish this chapter in their lives! And, THANK YOU for even considering me to be their Senior Picture Photographer. These are going to be some of the most important photos they have when they look back at life, and I plan on making this experience one they will NEVER forget.

Senior Picture of boy in sunglasses and girl smiling on Clearwater Beach
Senior Pictures in Clearwater Beach for Guys and Girls

Photographer Tips to Make Your Senior Pictures in Clearwater EPIC

When it comes to having your Senior Pictures taken on Clearwater Beach, there are a few tips I like to give my teens to prepare for a great session. Got a pencil? Jot these down. Better yet... just print out this page:

Senior Photo of elegant girl sitting by grass and rocks in Clearwater Beach
Senior Picture of Girl Sitting in the Sand on Clearwater Beach

Book Your Senior Picture Photographer in Clearwater Beach NOW!

Once you have your itinerary all set for your trip to Clearwater Beach, book your Senior Picture Photographer as soon as you can. Not all Photographers are the same, and if you want the Photographer of your choice, whether it's me or not, book them as soon as it's practical for you. Nothing breaks my heart more than telling a teen that I'm not going to be available during their Senior Trip for Beach Photos. So, if you now your dates, feel free to look at my online shedular and book your session from there. Once you book, your date and time will be locked in and I'll be anxieously waiting to meet you when you arrive at the beach for your session!

Well, that's all I've got for now. But, if you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a text, call or email. I'm happy to answer any other quesitons you might have. Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you out on the beach!

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Senior Picture of Hippy girl with 2022 Sign laying on Clearwater Beach
Bring your Graduation props for your Senior Photos on Clearwater Beach
Sunset Senior Picture of girl draping American flag across back on Clearwater Beach
Display your Pride during your Senior Picture Portrait Session
Closeup Senior Portrait of Blonde Girl in Clearwater Beach
Close-up Senior Portrait on the Beach
Senior Picture Collage of Girl with Guitar on Clearwater Beach
Display your Talents during your Senior Picture Session on the Beach


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