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My photographic roots stem from my many years contracted as a professional in the commercial arts industry, where I performed the duties of Creative Director for numerous advertising and marketing firms. Many of my captures have been featured in magazines, billboards and television, thanks to a personalized library of Stock Photography I generated specifically for the commercial industry throughout the span of two decades.

While I still provide services as a commercial photographer, my passion for photography always brings me back to the very essence of humanity… the unity of people… families, friends and loved-ones!

Over the past 17 plus years, as a Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Clearwater Beach, I have had the honor and privilege of photographing hundreds of families, couples and individuals in and around Florida’s pristine parks and beaches. And, to this day, I am completely humbled by each and every person that entrust their memories to my lens and allows me to capture their precious moments. It is not something that I take lightly.

As your Photographer, my priorities are three-fold… to provide a relaxed, light-hearted environment during the session, an exceptional session experience, and your complete satisfaction of the final photos. Collectively, the most important thing to me during our time together… is you.


While I do take my art seriously, there’s a much lighter side to the man behind the glass. Now, take this with a grain of salt, but… it’s been said that I’m a pretty likeable guy! I am very much an extrovert that enjoys delving deep into very random conversations… with ANYONE who may or may not have made eye contact with me. I’m often asked by my kids when they see me engrossed in a conversation with someone they don’t recognize “where do you know THEM from?”, to which I answer “I don’t… we just met!”. “You talk to random strangers like that?”, they say inquisitively. “No”, I answer. “I don’t know any strangers… just new friends waiting to be discovered.”. That pretty much sums me up. I’m a people person, and I love… well… PEOPLE!

Here’s a list of a couple of other things you may find interesting about me… um.. ok, more than a couple. Here’s the list:

There you have it. Now, when we meet on the beach, you’ve got some ammunition! Don’t know what to talk about? Just bring one of these things up and I’ll probably talk your ear off… while getting some pretty amazing photos of you and your family!

That was a LONG and random read, but thank you for getting to know me! I think it’s vitally important to know who you’re working with, especially when you’re visiting unfamiliar territory. My goal is for you to be 100% comfortable with calling me your photographer. Speaking of which… now’s a good time to call me! Have any questions? Give me a shout… I’m more than happy to help. And, hopefully, before we know it, I’ll be seeing you and yours out on one of our BEAUTIFUL Florida Beaches!

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